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As the most regulated independent financial consultancy in the world, deVere Group strictly adhere to international regulatory laws. By partnering with some of the world’s most respected investment providers, deVere are able to provide clients with trusted financial products helping them to achieve their financial goals and aspirations. Working in financial services can be hard but very rewarding; we provide full training turning our advisers into fully qualified financial planners gaining CISI qualifications.

I sat in on one of the Company Presentations.

I listened to Nigel Green introduce DeVere Partners much like Delboy would introduce Trotters Independent Traders.

Anyone with a Financial Career history... will have concerns.

Their Website is well founded to a high standard, doesn't reflect the Company Services or true image & was evident in the CEO's response during Question time. Too many contradictions, mis-leading and obviously Fabricated.

DeVere is member of the Institute of Financial Services...this recognizes the company for Education Training..Only

And lastly..

Search Wikipedia...Only details Devere Hotel Group....

Be Cautious!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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